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Cascade Factory is the only Hannon Hill Alliance Partner in Texas

The only Hannon Alliance Partner in the state of Texas

Cascade Factory has extensive experience developing Cascade CMS solutions for Higher Education clients across the country. We are your reliable resource for all things Cascade Server. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your next Cascade CMS project!







Cascade CMS Full Service Solutions Provider

  • Project Analysis & Scope
    Through a series of client interviews and brainstorming sessions, our design engineers guide the discovery process until there is a clear picture of the project's desired features and outcomes.
  • Documentation
    Our documentation specialists create the necessary engineering documents to ensure the success of your project. We capture all requirements, constraints and risks so there is a granular detail before we ever start coding.
  • Cascade Server Setup
    Our team of engineers can get your installation of Hannon Hill Cascade Server up and running, regardless of where your server is located.
  • Cascade CMS Page Integration
    We create and integrate all the necessary templates, blocks, configuration sets, data definitions asset factories and publish sets necessary to get your site up and running quickly. We can turn your website design into a fully functional Cascade Server template, ready for content.
  • Cascade CMS Customization
    Our team has extensive experience creating custom solutions in Cascade CMS. We can develop and implement custom format scripts, data definitions and metadata sets that deliver incredible flexibility and ease-of-user for your content contributors.
  • Legacy Systems Integration
    The Cascade Factory development team is capable of integrating existing software systems with Hannon Hill Cascade Server.
  • Custom Design
    Our team of graphics designers delivers beautiful, compelling and sector-appropriate website designs. Let us create the look & feel for your website.
  • Custom Application Development & Integration
    Our development team has the ability to create very sophisticated and complex custom applications in virtually any language required. Team members have built custom enterprise-level business process automation and online communications platforms for some of the nation's largest companies.
  • Systems Testing
    Cascade Factory tests all aspects of our work to client specification to ensure there are no unintended outcomes within the system. We kill bugs.
  • Training
    Our instructors can teach your staff how to use Hannon Hill Cascade Server. We develop training materials including documentation and rich media, and deliver training for your staff and technical personnel.

Custom Cascade CMS Solutions

Our team has extensive experience creating custom features and capabilities with Cascade CMS for Higher Education clients.
From distributed data, to custom tagging, to custom page-builders we can handle any requirement you may have.

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